Get Fresh Every Day.

U.S. striped bass farmers from pocket option download coast to coast work year-round to make striped bass a dependable fresh fish offering throughout the seasons. Production methodologies, as well as climate, land and water resources, and weather vary greatly from one farm to another. This geographic and farming diversity makes for a stable national supply stream and constant availability to markets.

Live or fresh only.

A portion of the approximately eight million pounds of annual striped bass production in the U.S. is sold live to specialty retail markets.  Another relatively small amount is sold live to private or public entities for recreational or stock enhancement purposes.  However, the majority of U.S. production is batch-harvested upon customer order and sold fresh on ice, whole and unprocessed for human consumption.  In contrast, imported striped bass is shipped to the U.S. in frozen form, usually in container quantities.

Home-grown freshness.

Nothing tastes as good as just-out-of-the-water fresh fish.  USA farm-raised striped bass arrives on consumer plates faster,  fresher, and as a result, much tastier. But how fresh is fresh?

Look for clear eyes, is pocket option legit bright red or pink gills, shiny, moist skin and a light smell of the ocean. Avoid cloudy or sunken eyes and an ammonia smell. Filets should be firm to the touch.  

Make sure you are getting U.S. farm-raised striped bass. Check out Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) tags at your local market or ask your server about the source of your fish. Click here to learn more.